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What to Wear to Look Younger: Embrace Colourful Knitwear

striped sweater

What you wear can significantly affect your image, especially as you get older. Avoid making mistakes that can age you. For instance, wearing all black can often make you look pale and, if not styled correctly, can come across as boring. Instead, do wear colour block!

Go wild with your colour blocking! Long gone are the days when your clothes had to match perfectly. Those matchy-matchy outfits can add years to your age and show the world that you're afraid to take a risk. Enter colour blocking, where pairing bold colours together elevates any outfit and helps you stand out from the crowd. After all, who doesn’t want to look younger and more vibrant?

Colour blocking is simple and often involves using pieces you already have in your wardrobe. One easy way to embrace this trend is with colourful knitwear. Adding a vibrant piece of knitwear can instantly uplift your look, making you feel unique and confident. Pair your colourful knitwear with trendy sneakers and a satin maxi skirt for a fun and trendy outfit. If you’re hesitant about wearing too much colour, opt for a patchwork cardigan. Pair it with jeans and a colourful handbag for a balanced, yet vibrant look.

Ready to embrace this trend? Check out our knitwear collection for that statement cardigan you need in your wardrobe!

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