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Our flex cardi

mohair sweater in green coral and mint

Flex cardi with customisable options for adding new segments or colours could revolutionise how we approach our wardrobes, offering endless versatility and creativity. It's not only eco responsible but also encourages personal expression and reduces waste. 

The versatility of having one item that can be styled in at least 30 different ways, from a vest to a skirt, offers incredible value and sustainability. It promotes a minimalist approach to fashion while maximising creativity and personal style. Plus, the idea of investing in one quality piece that can adapt to various occasions and moods is both practical and exciting.

Using repurposed mohair, one of the noblest fibres, for a versatile, flex cardi certainly positions it as a highly sustainable option. Mohair is known for its durability, warmth, and luxurious feel, making it a valuable material for long-lasting garments. By repurposing mohair, we are not only reducing waste but also extending the lifespan of the fiber, further enhancing its sustainability. Additionally, the modular design adds another layer of sustainability by minimising the need for multiple garments.


Endless style

You can transform one basic cardigan into multiple styles which offers flexibility and creativity for wearers seeking various looks.

You have the option to wear it upside down and back to front, along with different sleeve styles and lengths, it adds a unique touch to the garment, catering to different preferences and occasions.

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