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Circular Fashion - Embracing Sustainable Style with Knittedly

🌿 Sustainable Style Statement 🌿

At Knittedly, we believe in the enduring quality and sustainability of mohair as a noble fibre. Our cardigans are meticulously knitted from repurposed British mohair, sourced from vintage pieces or carefully unpicked from existing knitwear.

🧶 Crafted for Longevity 🧶

When designing our classic garments, we ensure they are not only timeless in style but also easy to unpick. This thoughtful feature allows you to reimagine and reuse your mohair piece, contributing to a circular fashion approach. By investing in our cardigans, you not only help the planet by reducing waste but also acquire a cherished piece that will last a lifetime.

🌍 An Eco-Friendly Investment 🌍

By choosing mohair, a durable and noble fibre, you make a sustainable choice that benefits both you and the planet. Join us in promoting eco-conscious practices and embracing the beauty of repurposed materials. Let's create a more sustainable and stylish future together.

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