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  • Jo Martin

Why a knitting holiday is the relaxing escape we all need

Putting your lockdown craft skills into practice is just one reason

Woman laying down on a couch

If, like us, you've turned to crafting to take your mind off the pandemic this year, you'll know all about its benefits of keeping you calm throughout the toughest times.

As the experts say, crafts can help ease anxiety and boost your happiness to help improve your mental wellbeing.”

It's all down to the practice of mindfulness and getting you into the 'flow' state, as psychotherapist Hilda Burke puts it. "This means you don't notice the time passing, aren't simultaneously thinking over other things," she says.

Get to know like-minded knitters

An excellent mood-booster, which 81% of people say makes them happier, knitting isn't just a wonderfully soothing lockdown activity. It's the one skill we'll be taking out of this situation and celebrating as the hobby that helped get us through a crisis.

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