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  • Jo Martin

This Trend Is "Ugly," and I'm Into It

Patchwork is not going anywhere...

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The patchwork trend started bubbling up last year but now I'm convinced it has completely exploded. Amid a sea of Bottega Veneta and The Row's clean '90s silhouettes, patchwork is here to remind us that "ugly" trends still have their place and make an outfit feel fresh and exciting for 2021. From Stella McCartney's patchwork denim jacket to Sea's beautiful pastel coloured jacket as well as Prada's mutli-print dress, there seem to be endless brands getting in on the patchwork trend this season.

According to the V&A, historically patchwork is "a way of using up scraps of fabrics or of extending the working life of clothing." With sustainable fashion becoming more even popular, it actually makes sense that this style of clothing is trending.”

If you haven't managed to do your own version at home though you probably want to know which brands are backing this trend and which pieces are the best to wear right now. Denim is arguably the biggest way to do this look but look out for patchwork leather and pretty dresses. If this trend sounds like one you want to invest in, keep scrolling for more on:

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