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  • Jo Martin

This is the best way to warm up to wild prints

This season's zebra stripes and leopard spots are more colourful (and cosy) than ever.

Marble coffee table

Trippy prints ruled Summer, covering everything from swimwear to all sorts of abbreviated going-out garments. If you're still not over them or the joyful mood these colourful patterns conjure up, we've got good news: The trend is trickling into fall — only, the autumnal riffs on these bright and bold motifs take cues from animals in the wild, rather than a lava lamp.

Brands will pretty consistently throw in a few leopard spots or tiger stripes into their collections. (Just look at the Spring 2022 runways.) But it's less expected to see these patterns done colourfully (think: rainbow zebra stripes), especially for the humdrum snow season. But they're not alone in wanting this winter to be a fun one for our closets: Global tastemakers confirmed the vibrant cold-weather dressing trend with their street style from the most recent fashion month.Ahead, we've rounded up a collection of cosy knits that will help you warm up to wild animal prints. For the advanced pattern-mixers and maximalists, there are multi-coloured cardigans that can be worn with leather trousers or printed tights; for those that prefer to blend in, we've also included a few fuzzy cheetah classics that can be tamed with jeans or basic black joggers."


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