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Welcome to my atelier - a cosy studio in our garden with a comfy chair, fluffy cat and lots of colours and yarn everywhere. 

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A luxury knitwear to indulge your creative side


I'm Jo and I'm the owner, designer and maker of all mohair knitwear at Knittedly.


I started making mohair cardigans because I could never find exactly what I was looking for. Now, let me help you create a look that makes you feel just as unique and inspired as the person you are.

My love for crafting, photography and passion for fashion inspired me to create this collection - a collection for spiritual and creative-minded women, who are not afraid of standing out in a crowd but like to stay warm and cosy. 

Each cardigan is hand knitted by me here in the Cotswolds.

Knittedly is about quality and sustainability.
To reduce waste, most of my garments are made to order. 
Simply choose KNITTEDLY pattern, shape and size from the drop down menu on the listing and design your own jumper!
Colours may vary as each piece is unique but I will send a photo of your actual jumper before dispatch.
I only use the best quality and locally sourced natural mohair yarns.

All knitwear photos are of the actual products I sell

Jo x

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